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Dr. Geena Rollins
Independent Elasticsearch Consulting Architect


Since 1997, Dr. Geena Rollins is a leading Internet visionary who holds four US Patents, one bought by Google. Geena created and launched six first-to-market products. She brings over 20 years of search-software experience and cutting-edge technical skills such as Elasticsearch, ELK, Lucene, Kafka, Hadoop, Spark, and more.

In February 2014, she introduced Elasticsearch to Symantec. She quickly became the company's leading expert and began doing Elasticsearch consulting internally. She collaborated with product software architects to develop the architecture for their applications using Elasticsearch tuned to their use cases.

Geena consulted for over a dozen internal clients, accelerating their Elasticsearch development. She did data modeling, training, coaching, performance testing, cluster topology, operations, capacity planning, and more. As a customer, she was a member of Elastic's Customer Advisory Counsel and remains close to Elastic as a partner.

Previously, as the CBS.com lead software engineer, she designed and coded revolutionary social-engagement features to promote CBS shows. She built CBS.com’s site search, implementing it with Lucene. During her three years with CBS.com, revenue increased by 700% and the audience increased tenfold.

She worked with Hadoop as a software engineer at Yahoo and MongoDB at Disney.

Dr. Rollins and an investment banker co-founded Leapfire Technologies in 1999. Her 4-person company launched a Contextual Advertising product in 2001, two full years before Google AdSense. It included a brand-safety filter from the beginning. Customers included ConsumerReview.com and Associated Press. She sold the software assets to leading ad network Tribal Fusion in 2004 where she became the Chief Contextual Architect. She reprises the name in this new consulting business, Leapfire Solutions.

In 1997 at C2B, Geena was the lead engineer for one of the first comparison shopping search engines. In one year, C2B built the product and sold the company to Inktomi. She worked for six startup companies with five successful exits.

Dr. Rollins earned BS, MS and PhD degrees in Computer Science from Stony Brook University.

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