Leapfire Solutions, LLC • Sunnyvale, California
Dr. Geena Rollins
Independent Elasticsearch Consulting Architect

Leapfire specializes in consulting and advising on Elasticsearch architecture rather than contract programming. I help good software engineers to accelerate up the learning curve while collobrating on data modeling and distributed systems design. I offer starter packages as short as 10 hours as well as enagements of 10 hours a week for several months. See Engagement Possibilites.

An emerging pattern is for company to see that its ideal job candidate doesn't exist, one with Elasticsearch, big data, and domain expertise (e.g., security, networking). Two clients hired me for 10 hours a week and kept their full-time positions open with relaxed requirements.

Yes! I solved the Elasticsearch-Join problem for many use cases. See Join Solution.

I am a hands-on architect, still developing code such as PreJoin. An ivory-tower architect can be misled by conflicting information from the Internet or vendor claims. I give advice based on my own experience building Elasticsearch systems.

Consulting: I'd love to help your team with ...

Product Development with Elasticsearch

  • Software development coaching/mentoring on site or video conference
  • Data modeling: schema and query development
  • Precision versus Recall of Search Results
  • Indexing improvements for replacing expensive queries
  • Performance testing, proof-of-concept and feasibility studies

Site-Reliability Engineering for Elasticsearch

  • Cluster topology, configuration and operations
  • Capacity and growth planning
  • Monitoring, Alerting, Security, Backup/Restore, Disaster Recovery
  • Diagnostics and optimization
  • Cross Data-Center replication

Elasticsearch Ecosystem

  • Leveraging the whole Elastic Stack including Beats, Logstash, Kibana
  • Integration with Kafka
  • Big-data analysis with Spark-Elasticsearch

Many Use Cases

  • Log file capture, aggregation, and analysis
  • Time-Series Event Data
  • When to leverage Event Systems instead of mutable data for high-traffic applications
  • Reporting and full-text search to compliment a primary relational or NoSQL database
  • Replacing a relational or NoSQL database with Elasticsearch as the primary database
  • Replacing Splunk, Oralce, Google Search Appliance, ...
Whether you are new to Elasticsearch or have made progress already, my Elasticsearch consulting enables your team to become confident developers of distributed database applications. Please contact me to accelerate your Elasticsearch development through expert consulting.

Elastic asks

“How did Geena become so knowledgeable of Elasticsearch?”

Elastic Training Classes that I have taken

▸ Core Elasticsearch
▸ Core Elasticsearch: Operations
▸ From 5 to 1000 Nodes
▸ Core Elasticsearch: Developer
▸ Advanced Elasticsearch: Data Modeling

“And another one bites the dust. Replication has saved my butt… Because, I’ve got an Elastic Heart.”